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Just seeing this post but congrats on the new skates. I started in urban rollerblades and then went to the Pic Skate. It was a bit too squirrely for me and I final settled on the Atlas Inline plate (which isn't made any more). It's similar to the snow white frame but a bit more chunky/hefty in size.

It didn't take me too long to get used to the toe pick. Jumps like the waltz jump, salchow, and loop really won't use much of the toe pick at all. You can pretty much skate the edge of the wheels to get the spring you need. I would use the toe pic of course for the toe loops, flip and lutz. The toe pick can be used to assist with that last bit of umph for the axel but I'm used to quad skate axels so I don't really use mine at all on my inlines.

That being said just take your time and walk through everything slowly until you get the confidence, strength and speed when learning a new technique. My coach always told me one thing at a time and break it into as many pieces as you need until it gets easy.

BTW I think I saw you on Youtube on you urban inlines ( Got any videos of your new skates yet?
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