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Originally Posted by JorisKB View Post
Armadillo, all your statement are false.
As said, there ARE.
But, more than that, these boots does not lock your ankle, they give support, but as you don't stiff the spoiler (or you even remove it completely), your ankle remains quite free.

You are very used to speak about things you know nothing about, you should really consider to stop doing that.

If the only thing you can think of is top speed, go skate inline. It won't change your skating style a lot since you already use extra long plates that puts you on rails.
I only had the PIC to use for assessing these boots, not the boots themselves. If the high ankle collar does not provide any stiffness, then what is its purpose? If it does offer stiffness then that will interfere with the needed ankle bend to execute an optimum speed skating wide leg push extension, while keeping all wheels down. My own avatar PIC shows a high ankle setup with very low stiffness, so I am aware that this is possible, especially when lacing is not done all the way up.

I mostly only skate outdoor quad speed, so I admit that I don't evaluate skate stuff from from many other perspectives, but I do try and make this clear when I evaluate things. So, just ignore my assessments if you really don't care so much about the requirements for optimum quad speed.

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