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Default Night Skates in Germany

Here are some of the night skates and other weekly group skates I know about in Germany. Skaters might want to think about planning a summer holiday in Germany around one of these night skates.

Augsburg Night Skate

Berlin Blade Night
Takes place approximately 10 Sundays between May and October. The route begins and ends at the Brandenberg Gate and the skate begins at 8:00 (20:00). Check the Web site for the current schedule.

Dresden Night Skate

Dusseldorf Night Skate

Frankfurt Tuesday Night Skate
Every Tuesday night from April to October. Skaters meet at the Deutschherrenufer in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. The skate covers a 35 to 45 kilometer circular route and it takes approximately 2.5 hours.

Hanover Night Skate

Hildesheim Night Skate

Kiel Blade Night

Kunzelsau Night Skate

Mainz Wednesday Night Skate
Every Wednesday night during the warm months at 8:00 pm (20:00). The skate route is approximately 30 kilometers and is traffic free. Season usually begins on April 1.

Munich Monday Blade Night
This skate takes place on many Mondays between May and September. The meeting place is on Wredestrasse near the Hacker Bridge and Circuis Krone and the skate begins at 7:00 pm (19:00).

Naumburger Night Skate

Paderborn Night Skate

Reutlingen Inline Night

Trier Blade Night

Did I miss any group skates in Germany? Are all of the above events still active? Can anyone tell us more about them? I am trying to get more information from their Web sites using the rather poor and often strange Babelfish translations.

- Kathie

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