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When I skate I just tend to focus more on controlling my speed and as you mentioned, paying attention to any possible escape routes if needed.

I would prefer to simply avoid a collision etc. from swerving out of harms way as that would be my natural first reaction. I just don't see many cases where I would need to come to a full stop in a matter of seconds - it would take about the same time to just change direction in avoidance.

So, I'm thinking that I would personally only use any full stopping techniques as a last resort but obviously it is always best to know them and have practiced them.

That said, yourself being 6ft (or taller for instance), it seems to me that there should be a focus on lowering your body or stance as low as possible as part of your stopping technique.

I have most recently been using some '99 coyote rollerblades with powerslide roadrunner 150mm wheels conversion for my "go anywhere" street skates.

These have one of the longest wheelbases of any skate except maybe for some 5 and 6 wheel downhill types.

I like them because they feel very stable going downhill and the big wheels handle almost anything. They do of course have trade offs as they are not as light and agile and put you up way high.

-I was going to tie this into stopping technique but my reply is already getting too long I feel so I will cut myself off for now...
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