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I wouldn't bother. The Trix2 boots are high enough and supportive enough that you probably won't feel much difference between 84mm height and 90mm height. In general, the higher and more supportive the boot, the less you'll notice wheel size differences.

If your Trix2 90 are like mine, they probably came with 90mm/82A wheels. I found these wheels to be very slow, and to wear fast. Probably good for a beginner, but I ditched them quickly. They will probably be difficult to powerslide with, though, due to the low durometer. I prefer something more around 85A/86A for purposes of speed and not having to rotate the wheels so danged often. I will admit the 82A wheels were more forgiving of surface imperfections though. And you may not have as much of a problem with them as I did - I've got probably 50kg on you.

In short, I'd suggest just sticking with the 90mm/82A wheels that come with it for a while, just to get used to the skates, then grab some 90mm/85A wheels when those are worn out (or if you're tired of the low speed). These will probably be easier to powerslide, too.

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