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Lightbulb Starting on inlines - wheel choice

Hello, I have a pair of Seba Trix 90 inlines on the way, but have a quick question regarding wheel size. I'm switching from quads to inlines for the purpose of long crosstraining sessions, and know I'll need to learn how to stop safely as well as just generally get used to inlines, since they'll be very different beasts to what I have been skating.

They'll come with 90mm wheels of course, but I am pondering whether it's worth grabbing an 84mm set for practising on until I feel more confident? My thoughts are that they'll be slower and easier to turn than a larger wheel, so could help me to learn powerslides and to generally pick up my game. I know the difference won't be much, but would it still help a little, or just not really be worth trying?

Also, whilst I'm here, any wheel recommendations? I suspect that the more suitable durometer ratings for various conditions & surfaces are different for inlines than they are for quads, so would appreciate any thoughts. I'm a light-framed light-weight female and know this often affected the type of wheels I'd buy for my quads..
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