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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
An added stress riser at a minimal thickness area where you inevitably caused abrasion and expect it to not damage anything?
No one else to my knowledge has ever broken the plate there. I hockey stop A LOT. I have destroyed many sets of 688 bearings, worn out trucks andplates, and never done that damage to the plate. That is 100% user error and a bad fitting boot.

I'll not defend the materials the plate is made of, I have had my plate tested and they are not the 6061 as originally advertised. Which is now just listed as "aircraft aluminum".
I have skated my plates outdoor on many occasions and put far more lateral forces on them in an indoor setting than anyone has outdoor for someone around the 180#(81kg) weight. No issues as you show.

Any aluminum is going to suffer wear from a cord rubbing against it. It shouldnt even be there. If you needed that it should have gone under the plate between the plate and boot, and had a cup fashioned around the heel of the boot.

The arius also has no dampening between the axles and the plates so it's much rougher outdoor.

You can set the firmness .. kinda... Gen1 trucks can be modified. One can use the stabilization pins, cut some off of them, or omit them entirely.

My current setup has them out, and the cushions are cut down.

I feel as if no one wants to make things better , they just want the same old slow ass kingpin design

I made fixes needed, got it figured out.
I'm kinda wondering if this modless plate might have the stiffest cushions installed. Yours being tuned would definitely soften impacts from side shocks as the trucks are rocked skating outdoors, stock would not. No way am I believing the strap broke the frame.
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