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Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
Yes, I misread that OP, and harder will likely slide more.
If wheels are sliding without slowing you, then wheels obviously aren't gripping, and harder will likely grip less. Are there any grooves left in the 88A wheels? 88A wheels should not lose ALL all their plow stopping grip from just the plate swap. How many other wheel sets have you tried on the new plates?

This set of 88a's are relatively brand new, purchased 3 weeks ago. I haven't tried other wheel sets.

Sometimes if the wheel contact patch is too large, the wheel can ride up on top of the floor's dirt/dust breaking grip. On a dusty floor, a firmer wheel with fresh grooves can often plow stop better than a soft wheel with no grooves.
The grooves accept the dirt and keep the urethane from being pried up off the floor by dirt/dust.

How dirty are the 88A wheels and how dirty/dusty is the is the floor?
Do 88A wheels slide out on turns too, with the Advantage plates, when you are going fast?
Dusty floors neutralize grip for both firm and soft wheels, especially when grooves are shallow or missing.

The sport court we skate on Mondays is pretty gross, dirty, dusty. On Thursdays, the polished concrete is pretty clean.

The 88a's are slim (35mm) and slide out in turns too regardless of my set up. I can slide out on turns on my 84a's (38mm) doing speed laps. I'm very light on my feet and at speed, sliding out has always been a problem but I've learned to navigate that as I've become a more experienced skater. I've always been able to stop on a dime. Right now with the avengers, I can't seem to get that same brake.

I'm going to put my 84a's on my Avengers, and try them at practice tomorrow.

Thank you for ALL the help.

Oh and I went and made sure to correctly adjust my pivot pins.
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