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See you soon my friend, just not yet!

Skated many hours with Richard, enjoyed talking machining with him in the garage over a beer. He always commented on my latest build in the HSM headquarters, always offering suggestions to what I was doing. Many people were offended by what they thought was a better then thou attitude, but, if you really spent time with him in person you now that is not true. Only engineer talk, I saw long past that to what he was really trying to point out.

You can not look at a piece of carbon fiber and shoe goo the same way after knowing him that is for sure. He sure could stack cushions for clearance for out door budget builds, LOL... Layout a boot ten different ways before he drilled his first hole, got love it!

We will all miss him one way or another, the debates, the involved threads, truck King pin angles, Geometry of the skate, all good stuff. I am proud to of called you a friend!

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