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Smile emtdpf have you skated your regionals yet?

Thanks for the post!

Actually what I meant and nothing against Tommi, but what I was thinking was Tommi is pretty good in Solo Dance, by winning in her class a few months ago at Fountain Valley, Ca dance competition.

What I was thinking if she spent time trying to learn partner dance that would take away from her time to concentrate on her solo Dance.

For myself I was thinking about what Tommi was saying in another post that she would feel bad if she tripped her partner and to tell you the truth I'm not that good anymore and I could actually trip her and I would feel bad.

Tommi might be interested in this but Dawn one of the pros that skates the Koffee Klutch skating session for people over 30 approached me today and asked "what my intentions were in skating", because I'm at the rink so much.

I told her Bob had approached me before regionals and said we would start working on Dance???? after regionals. I told her Bob has not approached me yet. So I'm just kind of waiting. I'm not in any hurry because me too, like Tommi am researching all the old dances I use to skate and I am trying to relearn them, and those dances are nothing like the dances in Esquire or Vetereans or Masters, which Bob told me he wanted me to skate.

So, the longer Bob waits or me before taking lessons?, allows me to rekindle the old flame of relearning all the old dances I use to skate. I really think it would be wrong of Bob to think I will only skate the dances I will compete in. And all the old dances I use to learn are in my next proficiency test when that time comes, a long time away from now. But I think it is wise to realearn all the old dances until I reach the dances in my next proficiency test.

It's kind of fun because all the dances in Sophomore are the dances leading up to my next test. So I may not skate those dances in sophomore competition, but I need them to get my proficiency up for my next test or I could actually repeat tests that I don't have to take because of the crossover.

I was talking to Dawn (pro) today and said "the skaters at Fountain Valley have strong edges and skate very well, but they make mistakes on simple things like cross and backs and cross and fronts". One of those little mistakes when skating with a partner can take the team down and crash onto the floor. That is one of my fears.

So, whatever happens is fine with me, but there is a danger anytime you skate with a partner that is not use to skating with somebody else. Instinctively I would be thinking about my partners steps/feet when she is skating because if you don't have perfect control of your feet and skate in a very small "box" for your feet you can without even thinking about it knock your partner down.

But anyhow I think I'm getting way ahead of myself and I'm kind of enjoying the ride at Fountain Valley, Ca. I feel very fortunate to be in the position I am now, and I just have to be very careful not to hurt myself from jumping or possibly skating with a partner.

Most of the people at Fountain Valley, Ca look very good and I don't think there will be any problems learning to dance with a partner. It will be different though, for myself, them and anybody who chooses to dance with a partner that has never done it.

When I think of all the years I skated with a partner, that was about 6 years and you just don't learn that overnight.


Larry O and happy Partner Skating...LOL! It probably won't be that bad!
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