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Default Well Tommi, great to hear from you.

Everybody seems to be back from Regionals, so for once in my life…lol, the floor seemed to be” humming” today. One girl, who I don’t remember seeing her in competition at Northridge or Fountain Valley, threw a few jumps today… An Axel and an Axel and Double Mapes in combination.

That almost got me to jumping…LOL! But I controlled myself…LOL!

Seems like we are both in the same quandary. I feel the same way you do about trying to focus or get good at one thing. And for now I’m focusing on the dance, but like you I want to use the Koffee Klutch to Jump and spin.

Everybody just got back/back to the skating rink and I think Bob is busy with figuring out what everybody is doing about nationals???? That is just a guess. I don’t know when he will approach me about lessons. It might be a while. I’m not going to push it, but after one month of skating at Fountain Valley I feel stronger on my feet. Kind of feel like I’m progressing a little bit, which is good. My balance feels good/better. I like the progress.

I just bought some new boots also. I was kind of thinking of using them for dance, but really they are a freestyle boot, I think. EDEA Concerto. So I just might mount them up to another pair of synder imperials, although someday I have to think about some Roll Line skates?

Sorry to hear about your relocations, but I kind of think skaters are use to driving to get to the rink. Luckily I’m only about 30 miles so that is just about the perfect drive.

Hope you get over the sinus infection and take care of your back.

Larry O
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