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Smile Dear Rick, Acient1 and Tommi, Thanks for the replys:

It goes to show you we really don’t care what people think…lol!

I’m going to tell you something I don’t usually say. Although we practiced a lot at Del Monte Gardens, Monterey, Ca it is nothing like practice at Fountain Valley Skating Center, Ca. I get a whole bunch of practice time at Fountain Valley, Ca and I never got that much time at Del Monte Gardens.

So, I practice hard and a lot because I savor that Bob lets us skate so much at his rink, for basically free. The amount of money we pay for club is nothing. $50.00/month. I spent that much a day and don’t even think about it. On frivolous things like RSROA Roller Skating News magazines of the 1950’s, which I’m trying to find articles about Bob because he won 4 times in Sr Dance…LOL!. I thought it would be fun to find an article showing Bob and show it to him or give it to him…LOL! Wouldn’t that be fun? Well for me it’s funny LOL!

Anyways Tommi, out of the 2-3 years Anne and I skated together we only fell twice. One time it was in competition on the Big Floors (Similar to Fountain Valley), Monterey/Del Monte Gardens was a smaller floor and we were skating the 14 step. That dance has too few steps to get around a big floor. It needs more steps…LOL and the Casino March now in Sophomore “A” division has more steps…LOL! I was just trying to learn that dance the lasts few days, before Bob busted my bubble and said “you’re not skating Sophomore Dance” in his own way…LOL!

But, anyhow I ran out of gas on the second song of that dance and just fell down. Anne didn’t fall, but because she didn’t want me to look like an idiot she decided fall down and join me. I said “Why did you fall down???...She just said something like it felt right…lol!”

The second time we were learning the Flirtation Waltz for the first time and I lost my tracking for a split second. The Flirtatation Waltz is a tandem dance, Girl in Front and the Boy skates directly behind her. I think I clipped Anne’s skate with my Freestyle toe stop and we went down. Take off Freestyle toe stops when skating in Tandem with a girl..LOL! But other than that I I don’t remember ever falling while dancing with Anne ever.

Why?.... because for about 6 years Both Anne and I learned to skate Dance with a Partner from the day we put skates on. It was bread into us in every skating class we took from day 1 to the time we became partners and entered competition, finally going to Regionals in the last 2-3 years we skated together.

So Tommi if you like and this would be good for me also, we start taking Dance Proficiency tests with a partner together or if you know somebody else skate with that boy. I have already passed all my Dance Partner Proficiency tests/equivalent to today up to Test 11 with a partner. But if you want to start taking Dance partner Proficiency tests I could skate with you at your own pace/leisure and we start knocking them out starting with Dance Partner Proficiency test 1. This would take a long time, but if you want to I’m game. Each test you pass you will be less and less fearfull of skating with a partner. I think it’s best to start at the basics and that is Dance Proficiency test 1 with a partner.

I also worry skating with girls who have never skated with a partner, but the trick in the beginning dances/side by side skating dances is to always skate adjacent/directly to the side of your partner. Not ahead of him or her or behind him or her. It’s like a piece of ply-board is placed in front of us and behind us and we skate side by side wherever we go. We never get out of this side by side position.

In reality how do you control this side by side/girl/boy skating side by side relationship?

a) The girl will extend her left arm out and across the Man’s chest. Boy on the left, Girl on the right. I will grab you left hand with my left my left palm. The key is the girl has to keep her left arm fairly stiff. This is how I control the left side of your body. If you arm is limpy or relaxed I cannot control the left side of your body to stay in side by side position with you at all times.

b) Next, the girl places her right hand on her right hip. Fingers around the front of her right side and thumb around the back of her side. I place my right thumb between the inside palm of your right hand and against the right side of your body. It’s important for the girl to keep her right hand/arm planted against her right hip. This is how I control the right side of your body.

c) The girls left arm firm across the mans chest and her Right palm placed firmly on her right hip is where all the control comes from so a Man can skate side by side with the woman at all times in the Fwd Side by side dances and keep control of her body position in relationship with his.

d) I have looked at all the Dance Patterns for Esquire “A” dance and all the dances are fwd side by side skating partners, but those dances are like ‘”border” dances with a lot of steps weaving left and right across a baseline. So, you really have to be a pretty good side by side dancer/team partner to skate those basic dances.

So, for Tommi and I we skate solo for Esquire, but Bob may want me to skate Masters or Vetereans to find a girl who can hand handle the side by side partner dances at a easier level.

The older divison dances are easier side by side dances. I don’t know how old Tommi is but if she wanted she could probably skate a older class partner division where the dances are a lot easier with a partner. I'm old enough (61) to skate all the easier older divisions/side by side dances with someone who may not have the dance partner experience, except the oldest division which is 65 I think. I'm not sure what older divisions Tommi qualifies for by her age or mine if we skated together.


Larry O and happy skating everyone. Tommi we look forward
to you getting back. I enjoy watching you skate. You are a very good skater.
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