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Default Another ‘skating hurts’ thread

Was at the practice session at my local rink on a Sunday (it’s a session for ‘competent’ skaters which scares away al the beginners so there’s space to try a few new things without worrying about wiping out the hen party celebrating nearby).

I was trying a mapes turn and for some reason got the toe stop bit wrong, not the landing which is usually where I fall over. Missed the toe stop, turned my ankle and collapsed like Bambi resulting in sprains to 3 or my 4 lower limb pivot areas (ankle ligaments and both knee medial ligaments). An impressive array of lower limb injuries from one fall.

Luckily fairly minor sprains so should be back skating in a couple of weeks, and a good excuse to ‘work’ from home for a few days.

I’ve always thought I could injure something trying new manoeuvres, just didn’t realise it would be multiple things at the same time

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