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Originally Posted by Spartan View Post
How, specifically, did it "not work"? Did it make you feel uncomfortable? In what way? Did it make you slower? Did your feet hurt or strain your joints? What did you come off of when you went to that mount? A Doc mount or a Reidell mount?
whether or not the guru mounted it ..i do not know. but all things point to him doing the mounting. ( i was under the assumption that riedell was going to be doing the mounting)..

basically the feet always wanted to split apart. instead of the plate being centered, where my weight was even on each side when in a neutral stance. with the mount so close to the instep, i was fighting my weight tipping to each outside edge. this was incredibly apparent when skating backwards. ( feet always wanting to be \ / )

no strain on my joints aside from the normal ware and tare from 20 years of skating.....but because of the odd weighting, the outside edge of my foot had a disproportionate amount of my weight on it, and i had to compensate for that.

i have been, for a very long time, primarily an inline skater. but the quad itch struck i tried these. they were mounted so far back that even accomplished quad skaters were having fits skating them, because there wasn't any part of the wheel under the ball of the was very frustrating.

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