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Has anyone here had a chance to try this kind of mount out? Both of these girls insist the mount is the greatest thing since sliced bread, that the speed coach thinks they are mounted right, and that my old fashioned "mounted in the middle" skates are dinosaurs from the speed world and that his mount is "derby specific" and just right for it. On an interesting note, we have a new girl who got one of his skates and is having a hell of a time with them. It was so bad that one of the above skaters told her something must be wrong and tightened her trucks up really far. That fixed part of the problem, but now the poor girl couldn't turn! So, it appears that a strong skater can overcome the problems with this mount, but a new skater can't.

They also listed about 5 "A" skaters who used this mount set-up, including Sadistic Sadie, Jackie Daniels, Jawbreaker, Dahmer, and Killbox. Oh, and my 31+ years of skating and discussions on this forum don't mean as much as his years of experience. Apprently, his mounting has a lot of support from rink owners, experienced skaters and the speed team. Just no one I have ever spoken to.

Anyway, I'd like to hear from someone who has tried this mount and knows what they are talking about to get the straight scoop.

Oh, and the conversation above came about because the guy wants to sponsor our team and I publicly begged them not to let them mount thier skates. Not a happy email thread after that.
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