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Hallo everybody,

My name is Miroslav, but my friends call me Mirche. I'm 50 years old journalist, from Belgrade, Serbia (former Yugoslavia).

I'm skating from summer of 1991. and my first skates was "California Pro", first and only model in our shops back then.

Few years ago I buy Bont Jet for my son, and Bont Semirace for me, but for some reason did not use it until last october. Then, I try it and discover whole new world

Now I'm completely hooked, and skating becomes second most important thing in my sporting life, just after Arsenal Football Club.

I'm skating alone, around local lake, on the 8 km track, and my PB lap is 19,01 minutes. This track is nice but very dirty and crowded, and I hope that I will improve my PB to under 18 minutes this year, on early winter, when temperatures drop to 10-15 degrees C, and lake road become empty.

On the same track my PB halfmarathon this summer was around 53 minutes, and one and only marathon was just under 2 hours.

My goals for this year are HM around 50 minutes, and M under 1.50 h
After that I will buy some better Bont boots, and try to improve, little by little.

I know I'm very slow for most speed skaters around here, but that's why I'm here, to ask, to listen, to learn, to find something new, and to improve.

Thanks in advance!
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