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Originally Posted by amohrfeld View Post
Call me crazy if you want:
In my experience the translucent cushions behave differently then the opaque. They translucent feel more snappy or something.

The art teachers swear by rubber over urethane. The manufacturer recommends the urethane. So I know there is a difference in material behavior. I'm guessing there is a noticeable difference in compound also.
riot, they have several compounds, each has a different application. riot also has some "black widow" bushings, they are hourglass shaped. Riot machines their bushings from rod stock.
I ordered a set of tall cones from Riot. Going to test them out as soon as they get here. Taller than SGs. I have been wanting a taller single cushion to help keep the plate thicker between the pivot and the KP area to test. I have to cut it pretty deep for the 1" of cushion I normally use. So I ordered .750 tall cones. I thought I was through with this setup but, things happen. Going to play with the combinations to see if there is much difference. Probably keep the SG lower and shim the upper cone down to my preferred caster.
Riot Black Widows have peaked my interest. May try those soon as well. Probably in a 80a. There are two versions of these, tall and standard. The tall ones are also .750

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