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Originally Posted by amohrfeld View Post
Yes, for a loose suspension they do. But I am left wondering what if????

Your plates felt like they had a lot of travel. My setup with the same cushions did not feel like I had as much travel. Something with the geometry- I'm sure.

I'm certain the damage comes from the end of your push stroke. *obviously*

Yes. Size 10. What are you thinking?
I decided to make my custom design with the traditional mounting holes.
Only problem is my machinist has been busy with real work. I was about to run the plates myself but I just received a big order, so no time for a while.
Thinking of firing up the mill in a few days. Maybe finish a pair of plates I started a while back and cut another pair as well. I'm looking at cutting a 165mm pair out too. I have to get a couple of things out of the way first (as usual ).
I think the reason my plates did not act the same as yours is the different hardness upper cushion pair. When the middle cushion is compressed into bind, the harder cushion gives way, preventing the binding, also changing caster a little bit in the process. I really want to set up a shorter plate to test around 7 1/2 WB.
The Arius is a great design, the cushion setup not so much. The Micro Star has a cushion design that worked but was very large and it has a lot to compress/displace which I think is also restrictive.

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