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Originally Posted by wired View Post
Since you are posting I'm glad to see you are not underwater...

From the pic I see another whole direction here. Instead of using a cushion as a poor substitute for an alignment mechanism why not put a matching radius smaller convex Delrin "washer" on top of the nut and a larger concave "washer" fitting inside the truck's lower recess? This would move all the urethane vagueness into one area where it might be easier to model and control. There might need to be some urethane between the top of the big washer and truck for smoothness and vibration absorption but it wouldn't come into play as much as you have now.

I love the video! Need to see more of it in this thread!

We are fine here, our old house in Hempstead is flooded again, 4' in it. We lived there 10 years and the water rose and never came in. We moved out about 4 years ago and it has flooded Iirc 5 times now.
I have an idea along the lines you describe. I want the cushion compression working independantly of alignment. I do have a solution to try. Its coming up soon. I like the way the triple cones work so modifying that would alter where Im going with it. Think spherical(ferrul) in a "milled slot", between the cushions above and below the truck's cushion pockets. So opening up the kp slot would be in order. A ferrul may work good enough as it is copper or brass.

There is so much cushion above the truck that no bevel or radiused washer is needed. If I were running a single cone on top, I could test it out. I would love to have some taller cones to play with in the tune. However another pair of plates with different seat heights would be needed.
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