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90mi Skateboarding
56mi Roller Skating

Then C-19 encouraged me NOT to end up in any medial facility. Quit skating, furloughed from work under perfect weather for skating - torture! Working from home, cash still coming in thankfully. So I won't starve.

So the rest of March:

16mi Fitness Walking
63mi Cycling
224 Total Miles all sports

I did accomplish 66 days of skating IN A ROW! By far the longest skate streak ever. Sadly, without the virus I could be hitting 80 days soon as the weather has been amazing.

And March:

No clue what April brings.

Not sure why images aren't showing up but a right-click and select View Image will show them.
2 Inline Skates, 1 Quad Skates, 4 Longboards, 3 Bicycles, 0 Cars
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