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Originally Posted by hoohoorjoo View Post
My daughter is 15 now. There was a little group of 3 or 4 girls at the rink last weekend and they were hating bigtime, rolling their eyes and all. Come race time, she ate their lunches. During her victory lap, she did a screeching hockey stop right where they were standing at the edge, then smiled and skated off. It was the highlight of that session. I was proud.
Well, in trying to suss out some of the reasons for tension on the skate floor, I think this points to a factor: Competitiveness. Those eye rolling girls were there to compete. Being a bit unsure is certainly what brings out the eye rolling. It is a way to try and throw off the competition. Get in their head.

I think all skaters are trying to compete. To be seen as good. Or, at the very least, not to be seen as bad. But, there are different kinds of good. I remember a girl who went to the Whittier rink when I was helping teach. She came to this "lesser" rink to practice so she would not look bad at Fountain Valley. FV was practically an advanced skate floor Thursdays and Sundays in those days. She did not want to be embarrassed in front of the cool skaters, so she came to work on her skating elsewhere. LOL
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