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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
I did improve dramatically when I got my first good skate. 2 reasons I think. I remember on my first skate, an indoor/outdoor skate, cheap synthetic boot, nylon plate and soft wheels. I liked turning hard on it. I had trouble taking lessons with my daughter because of the improper plate mount. Same for the second skate. Then I got on the short forward DA45 with a proper plate alignment. With that I could edge properly to both sides, and turn like a maniac. I had a LOT of fun with that. Still do.
I agree with you completely. Once you get into a leather boot and a metal plate and good quality wheels it can be a game changer. Myself, I'm really into the hardware and how it fits my style and needs. I've experienced many different cushion options, wheels, kingpin angles. On my first skates I had a "Pro Shop" build them. I later learned they mounted the plate pigeon toed, made crossovers so hard, but I could do a crazy spin stops like no one else! Lesson learned, educate yourself and do it yourself.

I ended up with a Roll-Line Energy plate (15 degrees), not that different than any other good plate except it's designed for mixing cushions, which I found to be so beneficial, at least for me. I like sharp hard turns too!
Riedell 336 Boot , Roll-Line Energy plate, Roll-Line Panther wheels -95A, Me: 165 lb, 6'2"
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