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Originally Posted by netplaceus View Post
These are all awesome insights, it's kinda what I thought was going on. It seems that once you have been around for awhile you figure it out. Apparently not everyone though, and hence the hate I guess.

I think this may be the only thread I have ever started where everyone is in agreement! It's encouraging and positive that most experienced skaters eventually see through all the BS, even their own.

Lol we had a "DJ" come down from another rink and he had a huge head on his shoulders. Guy was an ok skater and all, but his skills were rough, and not polished or smooth. Fast legs, does not mean they're functionally good or smooth looking. Lol

Then he came up to our DJ, asked her why there was no fade between songs, what program they used, etc. Ragged on her about that, then he tried dissing on her plate and said it was trash.

She skates a Arius platinum, that's been modified and personally set up by me, lol the kid who was talking trash skates a stock vanilla junior, and IIRC he put cosmic super flys on them. So her plate that he was talking trash about , as he didnt know what it even was, costed more than his entire skate.. hell even her wheels cost more than his Vanilla junior(custom color phantoms) . it was funny as crap.

Unfortunately, none of the good skaters were at that Wednesday session, it was dead. I was there but I didn't really do anything or speak to him or his friend. I had the wrong kind of skates there that day to mess with kids that dont know anything. Theyd assume I was slow because I couldn't corner in my skates or something. 97A in our rink is laughable ^.^

If he sticks with it someone will humble him and that snobbery hes running with will taper off. Maybe I'll convince the crew to go up to his home rink this weekend.
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