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A skater who is enthusiastic about the sport(all encompassing here from sliders to speed skaters) will appreciate any level of skill on any equipment. It's about growth as a personal measure and learning from each other. Teaching new people what options there are vs "this is the best because I said so" is the goal.. or should be.

Does gear make a difference? Absolutely, without a doubt it has an effect on the situation. Does it transform a skaters skill from nothing to epic? Hell no lol. The skater does that by finding themselves.

I'm more of a "show me what you can do with them ****** skates". I love watching people be fast and agile on something like a gtx500, or gt50, or Carrera or other 75 to 200$ skate.

Cheaper skates, for some(if not nearly all) people make a better skater, Why? Well they have to practice harder and be analytical about what they're doing because they get no help from elite skate gear. Thus they learn to fine tune their stride to make a skate grip, transition, and perform well. So when they do finally get on good gears you better watch the #$%@ out son. Lol

Sooo many of the best skaters I know had the worst pieces of crap when they were young, for years. The only advantage their gear gave them is it was theirs, and it performed the same way every time just about, where rentals are always different.

Seen many a skaters at rinks that have obviously more money (most expensive gear) get dumped on by a guy with a stock Fame skate.
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