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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
LOL. Good question. Snobbery, clique-ishness. Used to see a lot of 595/Reactor, Pro Line, Advantage snobs. I was just mentioning a guy I had on a 45 who got pushed into a Pro Line I think it was, because some old time skater told him it was better. Shiny and more expensive. Better? Such a slippery slope. It depends on the skater.

But, you are pretty right. It is ugly out there. Jam skaters, art, rhythm, speed, derby, dance. I dunno why. I wonder if anyone will come up with a good theory.

I can trace the derby developement I saw in LA. At first, they were all nice and friendly, took advice, asked questioned. Then after a couple of years, they were "it" and you weren't. LOL
Got to look past the ignorance that just because it costs a ton, it makes you a better skater. Tuning and talent makes your moves better, picking out acceptable gear to get the job done doesn't have to cost thousands.
Testing and trying out different setups "tunes" your preference. Don't follow the cow path.
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