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Originally Posted by Maroon bells View Post
Mine aren't unfortunately
That's a shame.

I have a pair of limited edition white Bauer Supremes and they are thermoformable. I baked mine and it made a big difference. However, it obviously doesn't make any difference to the inside of the toe cap (which is still rock hard). I hardly ever wear mine because I do a lot of trick skating moves on my toe wheels, and it's just too damn painful in those boots. So I stick to my plastic Supreme Turbos with the padded liner.

Originally Posted by Maroon bells View Post
Like the seafront path at Bexhill!

I've not skated it myself (I avoid rough surfaces like the plague) but the appalling state of Bexhill seafront is legendary and well known. Hastings is just as bad.

Originally Posted by Maroon bells View Post
Where is this? It sounds tempting!
It's in Harrow, North West London (round the back of the Harrow Leisure Centre). There is one next Friday (28th August at 9pm).

This is the hall

If you want to skate there you should consider going to the one on the 28th because the people running the skate night said that it may be the last one ever (due to the hall being too expensive to hire).
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