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Originally Posted by Maroon bells View Post
Sorry yes I meant Bauers, trouble is you don't know until you try them. Anyway I can get by with my Silipol gel sleeve, maybe give it another year and they might be broken in!
If your Bauers are thermoformable (i.e. heat mouldable) then it's worth baking them for a better fit. This really improves comfort, especially around the ankle area. Obviously don't heat treat them if the skates are not designed for it, but most mid-range Bauers are thermoformable.

Originally Posted by Maroon bells View Post
Nice wheels! What are they like on tarmac, I have only ever skated on 78a street snakes or Krypto's?
I used to be the same, only ever skating 78a outdoors. Harder wheels can be a nightmare (especially on the abysmally crappy surfaces we have in this country) but you can get away with up to to 84a outdoors depending on the urethane formulation.

My Aussie Scotts are 85a to 88a (the softest that he makes) and they work really well on half-decent quality tarmac and paving. I use them at Hyde Park, where I much prefer them over any 78a wheel (despite me hating rough surfaces). However, on really bad surfaces or cobblestones etc. the Aussie Scotts are total bone-shakers. Skating over the odd bad surface or two would be bearable, but for extended street skating they would be too uncomfortable and would destroy my knees.

I skate indoors quite a bit these days. There is a fantastic huge hall in London that has old school roller discos about one a month (full of people wearing original Bauer Turbos and other classic skates) and the floor is so incredibly smooth and fast that you can wear whatever hardness of wheel you like. It's an over 18s only event and full of people who have returned to skating after 10, 20 or more years break.
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