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Originally Posted by fitnessskater View Post
thanks kindly. Do you have a link to that discussion?

I really want to be outdoors. So a stationary bike no good. But maybe an elliptigo? You go slower, I think (donno). It is standing unlike biking. I find the benefit of the kick scooter is much slower than blading...more inefficient essentially. So less fall at high speeds danger. I am cautious around hills though.

Biking has some danger also, but I somehow don't think I would fall the same way (arms over head) as a forward fall blading.

There ^ is the link. One bit of wisdom you'll find in my write up is, last year I got in nice shape after nearly having a heart attack. But when the weather prevented my rides, well, I lost a lot of fitness ground. Having something, like an airdyne, is good because it is weather proof. It is also shorter, though harder, to do. Given your age and weight, I am 58, keeping fit is pretty important. Being able to get at it regardless the weather will keep you in shape year round. Not that getting outside is bad. I LOVE it. My bike trail ROCKS. I'm just not going to let myself fall into the trap of using outside exercise as my only get in shape tool.
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