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Originally Posted by fitnessskater View Post
(mods if this belongs in OT, please move it)

Trying to get back into exercise. Dropped 50#.

Love, love, to blade. But don't feel safe after 2 dislocated shoulders in last 5 years.

Had an old push scooter (K2 but like a Razor). Trying it out for the first time. Gives me more glute/core work than biking or walking (my other exercise modes).

Looking for any info on adult scootering for fitness. (I am 54, not a spring thing.) Forums, type, safety, overuse injuries, etc.

Oh...and do the skaters hate scooters how the sk8ers hate scooters.

P.s. I know it looks uncool but I feel myself building Jane Fonda buns of steel.
50 lbs is a significant amount. And, you already have some injury history. I would suggest something with the lowest chance of injury, and significant setbacks to your goals. Something like an Airdyne, eliptical, or that Bowflex stairclimber/eliptical. I did a post in the skatelog replacement, SkateDebate, about getting away from biking as my get in shape exercise, to an airdyne. The bike worked nice, so long as the weather cooperated. Then when there was too much rain, the trail gets closed. Now I do my airdyne workout, so that when skating day comes along, I ALREADY paid my fitness dues, and can just enjoy the skate.
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