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Default Looking for info on adult push scooters

(mods if this belongs in OT, please move it)

Trying to get back into exercise. Dropped 50#.

Love, love, to blade. But don't feel safe after 2 dislocated shoulders in last 5 years.

Had an old push scooter (K2 but like a Razor). Trying it out for the first time. Gives me more glute/core work than biking or walking (my other exercise modes).

Looking for any info on adult scootering for fitness. (I am 54, not a spring thing.) Forums, type, safety, overuse injuries, etc.

Oh...and do the skaters hate scooters how the sk8ers hate scooters.

P.s. I know it looks uncool but I feel myself building Jane Fonda buns of steel.
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