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Originally Posted by FlailingLlama View Post
Just fyi, maybe it will help... I am extremely clumsy. Very poor balance, I walk into things, people, all the time. I cant walk straight... I didnt used to be able to balance on one leg AT ALL.

I've been skating since November, in Sure Grip Fame skates (full heel), and my balance has improved significantly since then, and has trickled into everyday life. The things I can do now on skates, I couldnt even comprehend doing before. I really dont think the heel had any impact on my progress. From the first time I put them on, I didnt even notice it having a heel.

Thanks! Iím the same...bumping into things, rocky balance, etc. Thatís good to know your balance overall has improved and makes sense! The Sure Grip Fame skates are on my list.
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