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There are a number of companies that make full ceramic bearings, not sure as to why isolate the discussion to one particular company.

But, a simple and short answer to your Q is this:
ILQ makes a BCB bearing, and though hybrid, they come with life long warranty... you'll never need to sink $$ into another set of ceramic bearings. Kind of hard for other companies to match that level of ILQ quality and service, imo.

The level of performance between the various ceramic bearings in application of skating (full ceramic versus hybrid ceramic steel chase, ceramic balls) is more/less negligible, wheel compounds play a far larger roll in achieved speed. Think back to when Eddy was winning races on twincam 5's... yup.

Keeping the bearings clean from grit, and/or scratching of the chase, that can degrade their performance, is a challenge skaters face, depending on the areas they are skating (outdoors, indoors); all are subject to dirt, dust, and debris build up. To combat those aspects of bearing performance, Ionic Flux came out with a high quality proprietary lube, in 3 difference formulas, pretty impressive stuff that extends the life of bearings by self-polishing, and protecting against wear and corrosion.

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