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Originally Posted by FlailingLlama View Post
Im guessing the really hard stops and skids you do is the most axial force a skate bearing could sustain, so thats why you are a good tester for strength/longevity of a bearing?

Yea, the wheels get hammered pretty bad during hockey slides. The more room there is (clearance) between the parts, mostly axle OD to bearing ID being the problem, the more time the wheel has to accelerate within its clearances. So most likely the 7.88 OD of the SGA1 axles I have in my trucks are also causing the wear issues. Before it was a tighter clearance at the truck face 7.94mm, and 7.5 ish at the end of the truck shoulder. While getting new axles with a longer shoulder length fixed the alignment of the 2 bearings, the reduced OD of the new axles kept the play on the shaft pretty much the same. Grip improved because they were held in the same plane, but not by much.

I dont know the physics calculations, but it would be interesting to find out the force difference between a big air park jump landing, and a slip stick friction skid on a bearing, then compare that to calculations in a modelling software for material limits for a bearing.

Im hoping those micro bearings work out, i REALLY like Scotts phantom wheels.
Another issue is that bearing bore imperfections are a problem. This is exponential with micros since they have such a small window to deal with imperfections by using increased radial and axial clearances. If a bearing bore isn't perfect, it will cause drag and reduced bearing life.

I can hold my wheels in hand and spin them with new bearings and feel the difference in the seat width/bores and there is a small wobble as the wheels rotate. Not something I find appealing for a product that costs 180$ msrp.
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