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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Angular contact bearings are rather expensive even for low end ones. I'd like to test that some day. But I never found any in micro size that fit the dimensions needed.

At some point I'll get 8 708A bearings and set them up in a skate.

The bearings I'm testing have Silicon nitride balls.
Im guessing the really hard stops and skids you do is the most axial force a skate bearing could sustain, so thats why you are a good tester for strength/longevity of a bearing?

I dont know the physics calculations, but it would be interesting to find out the force difference between a big air park jump landing, and a slip stick friction skid on a bearing, then compare that to calculations in a modelling software for material limits for a bearing.

Im hoping those micro bearings work out, i REALLY like Scotts phantom wheels.
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