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Originally Posted by FlailingLlama View Post
Have you tested hybrid 688 bearings in the past? or just steel ball? I'd imagine these smaller bearings fail because of the race channel depth, and an inability to deal with axial loads. There is a type of bearing called "angular contact" that is designed to cope with much higher axial loads than the traditional ball bearings skates use. I'd be curious to see a full ceramic angular contact micro bearing.

What type of ceramic balls do your 11 ball bearings use? Zirconia Oxide (the white) has a decently higher crack resistance than the Silicon Nitride (dark grey)

This is an 8mm angular contact skate bearing haven't found sealed bearings in this size yet.
Angular contact bearings are rather expensive even for low end ones. I'd like to test that some day. But I never found any in micro size that fit the dimensions needed.

At some point I'll get 8 708A bearings and set them up in a skate.

The bearings I'm testing have Silicon nitride balls.
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