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Testing a pair of 688 hybrid ceramic bearings that have 11 ball compliment.

Normally they have 9 ball compliment, which usually lasts about 2 years for good bearings. Recently Bont sent me some 688" swiss" and instead of 9 balls like they were supposed to habe. They had 7. They died... quickly. Maybe 15 hours of skating to failure? Really only about 1 hour of hard use..

Right now it's on a more friendly environment. Currently on a kingpin plate I use, A snyder royal. Once I remount my Arius onto a Solaris, the abuse will really start.

I'm hopeful that the additional 2 balls will subdue the loads enough so the balls wont break/fracture. I dont know if they are HIP formed or not though, and I dont know their grade either. But generally speaking their surface finish is always better than steel.

If it survives 3 months I'll buy a full set.
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