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Originally Posted by FlailingLlama View Post
Just got a strip of zero stretch black duck cloth from Joann fabric. Hope I dont eff this up, Id like a permanent fix.

Also ordered the white trucks and inserts, and purple super cushions.

I am buying nothing else skating related until Im good enough to warrant Scott Corey wheels.
Lol, you'll be fine.

Take the insole out and make sure that the boots quarter panels ad bottom under the insole are also secure to one another while you're at it.

Make sure there are no areas that are breaking free from the boot.

I typically remove the entire boot from the sole and inspect everything. It's best to do it before it comes apart, so if there are structural flaws you can address them while they arent bad.

If you need any help at all just hit me up on facebook messenger. I'd be happy to assist.
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