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Default Seba High Light Carbon V2 vs FR Igor

I originally skated on ice but changed to inline about 18 months back.

I already have two pairs of Powerslide 3 x 125 but I tried a friend's pair of Bauer hockey boots and the smaller wheels and rockered setup really reminded me of what it's like to turn quickly and get those fluid transitions.

I now want a more manoeuvrable setup and had ordered the Powerslide HC Evo Trinity (2019) but found, as a lot of people do, that there was excessive pressure pain just under the insides of my inner ankle bones - they went back.

The Powerslide Tau 90 is likely to be the same - if not worse, as I have experience with my Carbon "Grand Prix" marathon skates.

I'm assured the Seba High Light (maybe Carbon version) or FR Igor would be a more comfortable fit. The High Lights come with a flat setup by default but, with a big price hike, you get a naturally rockered frame with the FR Igor.

Both being slalom/freestyle skates, I'm worried that the fit will be just as problematic so wondered if anyone here has been through a similar process?

Also, just how much difference is there with a 2mm rockered setup to front and rear wheels? Am I trying too hard to get that ice skate feel?
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