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A short review of my new "skating assistant" the Thule Glide 2,

In 1993 I met a guy skating across the USA on inline skates who pushed a baby jogger with a large hiking backpack in it. The jogger had a hand brake which allowed the skater to control his speed on descents. I made a mental note. Now, almost 30 years later, I have finally cured my long standing problem with baby stroller envy.

Recently a longboard skater named Adrian Oh pushed a longboard and baby jogger around the world. This accomplishment, which I followed daily, "pushed" the idea of a stroller back into the forefront for me. So, now I have one.

Little did I know when I picked this stroller that it held two Guinness world records: Fastest marathon and half marathon pushing a stroller. And it proved this point to me during my recent 20-mile skate session on quad skates. I have yet to try it on a board. Here are a few bullet points:

- This jogger has shock absorbers. I weighted it enough for them to activate. I believe they make the jogger easier to control overall.

- The front wheel does not pivot. High speeds and swivel front wheels don't mix. The front wheel ALIGNMENT is adjustable. I set it up so the stroller pulls slightly to the right, NOT perfectly straight. I figured if I lose the jogger it will just merge off of the bike path or road and not across the center line into oncoming traffic. No one will sue me if my jogger hits a tree or goes into a ditch. No, I am NOT wearing the leash. More on this later. BTW...the pull to the right is not noticeable until take both hands off the grips.

- The jogger is effortless to push. I live on flat land. I imagine it a struggle to push the thing over a mountain pass, but no worries where I live. I have not experienced a significant headwind yet. I believe I can draft the jogger anyway.

- In the user manual it clearly states "NOT FOR SKATING". Well...I wouldn't risk a kid in it, but all I can do worst case is scuff up the jogger and/or myself. I have nearly lost control of it twice. Once on the way home from purchasing it it turned tighter than I did and ran up into a front yard with no harm to either of us. Once on the Rail-Trail my skate got stopped by a rock which caused me to lean on the jogger, which caused the front wheel to elevate, which caused the jogger to high-side to the left. As I skated past the tipping stroller I managed to set it down like a feather on it's left side. No damage but certainly taught me a lesson to be cautious. Which brings me to the next point:

- The jogger blocks my view of the surface just ahead of my skates. Like driving a truck with a large hood, you gotta look up ahead and remember every rock, stick, crack, and pine cone so a skate does not hit it. Not a deal breaker and I got used to this fairly quickly.

- The tires have air in them. So unlike skates and skateboards, you can get a flat tire. I carry one tube of each size (front wheel is smaller), a patch kit, and a small bike frame pump and some CO2 cartridges.

- BONUS: There is space to carry EVERYTHING. I took an ice chest, sneakers, camping chair, binoculars. cameras, food, power source, spare socks, and parts for skates and stroller. There is ample space under the jogger to strap a longboard as well, so I could even switch out of my inlines/quads and onto a board at some point if I wanted to. I likely will not push with a board very much but I likely will at some point.

VERDICT: So far, so good. I love it. If I flip the danged thing every session I might change my mind. For now I see myself using the jogger every long session and trips to the grocery locally. It is a 5-Star jogger so I don't think I could have done any better.


More: I have used the jogger four long sessions now, the last one 30 miles on quads. It bums me out to have to air up the tires, pack it in the car, unpack it and assemble it, but once i am pushing it the thing is Heavenly! No more issues with instability as I have shifted the water to the lowest compartment which seems to have solved it.

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