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Hello All, I have been lurking for some time now and just got posting privileges. So I am Bob I am 60yrs young, I skated as a teen on 2 different speed teems and then for some reason like a lot of us life got in the way in my 20s. skip ahead to 2001 and I moved and took skating up again finding a local rink 30 miles away. I had always skated quads but picked up a used pair of inlines for a local state park. Jump ahead another 5 years when I met my now 2nd wife and surprised her with a date night of skating lo and behold she had takin her kids before so new what to expect. jump ahead again to a year ago when we took it up again in earnest and I convinced her she needed her own skates and mine had either shrunk or my feet grew so we picked up some Riedell angels to get going. I have since cannibalized my old skates and replaced the nylon plates with my old sure grip super x and my old powell bones wheels. We skate every fri night and have also traveled to other rinks in the state. ok enough for now will post more later along with pics I hope
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