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Default Some years later: different boot, same question

Somehow the last attempt to get a custom boot failed. After the mold and some further visits, there was no more progress for any reason... This year again I felt I need a new boot, and I took the chance to visit a different boot maker. The mold is done, and I'll get a boot this time for sure.

But after using the same old 5x84 (still few set of wheels left) and 104/88 stuff, I must choose the spacing, again. 165mm is out of interest, but I'm not sure if I should order 195mm, or 180mm, which is unusual but has some advantages.

195mm would allow to use my current HiLo frame, plus all currently available frames for 4x110, 3x110+100 and 125's.

180mm would allow to use all my current frames (5x80, 5x84, 3x104/88) and most of the available 125's (Eo, Rollerblade, Cadomotus) which have 2 or 3 front slots. And 180 is more stable than 195. But I can't use any 110 frame.

My limit ATM is not the wheels, I'm not too slow with the old stuff. No idea if I'll ever buy 110's or 125's, so what do you think would be better???
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