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Did you tell the boot maker you were interested in possibly switching to 125s? I think manufacturing the boot with the proper clearance might be a bigger worry than the spacing. At this point both spacings will work - it's a matter of which frames you expect to use. I just ordered a new boot and decided after some internal debate to stick with the 195 because it gives me flexibility to switch between my 110s and 125s (dual 195/165 Cado).

I'm not convinced about using 125s on smaller skaters just yet, at least indoors. The frame controls the skater more than the other way around, and they build a lot of bad technique habits on crosses. They roll better, so the speed hides that if you aren't paying attention. I hope to get more experience watching how it affects outdoor skaters in the next couple of months. I don't expect it will have the same disadvantages outdoors on straightaways.
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