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Originally Posted by ice princess View Post
Last December I got the chance to let one of the local german boot makers - which are not too many - make a mold, and since then there is some progress, but not too much, because it's just his hobby.

I've also no 125mm wheels yet, and with a 165mm spacing I could use all the old frames and probably 125mm later, if they really prove to work. But no 110, never...

Maybe I can still change the spacing in the next 1..2 weeks. What do you guys think?
Hello Ice Princess,

LSR and PSlide have frames from 11.8, 12.2, 12.6 and 12.8 3x125 frames 165/195 mounts. The shorter frames are being used here in the states by smaller skaters along with 110s for both indoors and outdoor with great results. People like them for many reasons, feed back... they're lighter and maneuver better. Most of the skaters are under 120lbs.

hope this helps.

Spring, TX.
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