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Default Boot spacing question

Last December I got the chance to let one of the local german boot makers - which are not too many - make a mold, and since then there is some progress, but not too much, because it's just his hobby.

After thinking a while I ordered 195mm spacing, but most of my frames are 165 (5x80, 5x84, HiLo) and just one also 195 (HiLo). The idea was to first use the old Mogema HiLo, and later a 110/100 HiLo in 195mm. But I have no 110mm wheels yet. I've also no 125mm wheels yet, and with a 165mm spacing I could use all the old frames and probably 125mm later, if they really prove to work. But no 110, never...

Maybe I can still change the spacing in the next 1..2 weeks. What do you guys think?
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