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Default A thought

For any of you that do test out stuff. I am liking the 3/4" tall cushions. Less binding. If you are running an aluminum plate like an invader and want to try out the tall cushions, remove the KP lock nut that contacts the plate(lose weight), locktite in the harry stud( I don't know if the blue will hold as good as the red, for temporary.Red would be for permanent), wait a couple of days and install the new taller cushion on top. To get the full affect, you would have to go to longer studs to let you use longer cones below the trucks. I don't use the cups but use nylon washers on the bottom next to the nut.

Loctite has held my KPs on for a year now. They are grade 8 studs from McMaster Carr.

This is just if you want to try it out. The locking nut is app 1/4" thick, you may or may not have to shim.
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