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Buy 2-point boots and frames. 3-point is a Bont only thing and is dying. Also, 3pt can't be used with 125 stuff.

As for boots, Bont makes a quality product but they are not for everybody. The Z is a lower rise boot so probably not what you want (but it is a nice boot). I know a lot of people that skate on the Jet and like it. They will fit you well if you have lower arches and slightly narrow feet. Their sizing wizard works pretty well so give it a shot. I recommend the Jet for your ankle problem since the ankle area is very heat moldable.

My personal opinion is to stay away from the Luigino Striker frames. I do know people who like the Strut boot and have been happy with it. Again, fit better on slightly narrow feet. They are not built on the old Verducci last anymore.

The Powerslide stuff has gone down hill lately (in my opinion). I can't recommend them.

As far as wheel hardness, I personally like 84-85a for general use on trails and roads. This applies to 110's and 100's.
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