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Originally Posted by Sunnyape View Post
You mentioned a wheel hardness in the B scale. Almost all skate wheel are measured in the A scale.

If the wheels really are measuring in B scale, then 87b equates to about 98a, which might be a bit too hard.

I'm 86kgs (190lbs) and sometimes skate on wood with a clear coat. If the floor is clean and giving good grip, my 94a wheels roll and corner nicely for speed sessions, but can still be forced to break traction for a hockey stop. If the floor's a bit dirty or slippery, I drop back to my 89a wheels for their cornering grip; fine for general skating and some speed, but they are a touch too soft to hockey stop with, so it's T, plow or spin stops.
I have never needed any wheel softer than 92a at any rink floor I have ever skated on. Even cement floors. I weigh in at 230lbs +
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