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Dear Rick,

Thanks for the concern. In reality, although I skated 7 sessions the day before, 4 in figures and 3 in dance, you really donít get that much time on the floor. You share the figure circles with many other skaters and really I only had to practice three basic figures. Old people/adult skaters skate very basic, beginning type figures. No turns and we donít skate backwards, so the figures are easy.

Dance on the other hand is even worse. Now the 2-3 hour practice will be like 10-15 minutes, because every event gets time to practice their dances on the floor, one at a time.

So, when you get to your category or event to skate, you only get 1-2 records per dance and then you only get to skate Ĺ the dance. The people skate so big at nationals they can fit only Ĺ the dance on the floor, without running into people coming from the opposite direction.

So, in reality the all day practice is long for 7 sessions, but the actual amount of time actually skating on the floor is minimal, but you do get tired and worn outÖlol!

One thing I learned about skating figures and dance is that you have to be ready to go at a momentís notice. So if you practice right up to your event, you donít need a warm up. You are still hot from practice and can skate your dance as well as you can, because you were just skating that dance or figure 1 hour to 15 minutes ago.

I donít skate freestyle, yet or now, but I know most freestyle skaters at regionals and nationals donít practice much. If they donít have it they donít practice it.

For me in Dance and Figures I was still learning stuff the hour before I skated. Everything came together at the last moment.
So much to learn in one year before Nationals. I was only lucky there were not many skaters so I got to go.

Larry O
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