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Smile Thanks for the Post and good luck with the recovery!

Hey Mark,

Thank you for the excellent post. It was very informative and I just ordered the Book, “Beating Patellar Tendonitis”. I think we all have similar problems with our knees if you are old.

I’m 62 years old and I know many of my competitors are in their 60’s, some in their 70’s and have come back to skating after a 40 year layoff.

None have chosen to compete in Singles although some were Senior Champs before quitting skating over 40 years ago.

Most are so strong that they can still win at 60 or 70 years old, but choose not to continue to jump and spin. I guess the reasons are obvious, but most tell me they can still do singles, but not doubles and have decided they don’t want to compete in Freestyle.

I on the other hand I have not made that decision to not compete yet, although I have to admit I have not jumped and spinned in over 6 months.

Freestyle takes something out of me, where I can’t do it every day. I have to rest after jumping and spinning.

Doing dance and figures I can do every day, although I have to admit, I was sore every day last year except for three days. One day was when I skated at Nationals and believe it or not I skated 7 practice sessions the day before.

I peaked at just the right time. I skated as well as I could. The competition was just toooooo great….!!!!! LOL.

Next year should be interesting because of the proposed rule changes. I think even if they come up with the new age rules and classifications, an adult who still wants to skate youth can, but there will not be the regular adult divisions like Novice, Esquire and such, except for possibly freestyle.

Personally I’m really looking forward to the proposed new rules to come out this month. In the mean time I have learned practicing a lot of basic skating maneuvers…like forward and backward edges on the figure circles and the dance floor can strengthen up those knee muscles…basically skating, exercises/drills involving all the knee muscle groups, without really skating any dances or figures per se.

After nationals and my dismal finish in Dance and actually quite well in figures, my head coach gave me a bit of wisdom. He said “Larry, I would not practice any dances when you go home. Practice all the boring stuff, like edges, chases and run steps.”

I have done this religiously for the last month, 7 days a week for at least 2 hours per day and sometimes 6. I will do this for another month and then start practicing the dances for next year.

I have also decided to skate down an event and Skate “B” dance and figures. This should allow me to skate better at next year’s regionals and Nationals.

Best wishes, and thanks for the excellent information. It was great!

Larry O..see you at regionals.
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