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Cool Adult Night Skating

We only have Adult Night once a week at the rink here in San Diego, and it's the most fun ever. The only drawback is that adults will have their birthdays here, and believe me, the regulars don't do that. It's always a bunch of amateurs dressed up like fools, trying to kill all the regulars out on the floor.

This past Tuesday, there were a bunch of amateurs and they kept skating terribly in the fast lane! Ugh so frustrating. You'd think they figure out that the people going lightning fast stay on the right. But no. I don't go around them, I stay hard right and push them when needed. It's the only way they will learn. I've had to jump on the carpet many, many times to avoid a crash.

Tuesday was awesome, though. The DJ was hittin it, and the amateurs usually leave by 9:30, leaving us a blissful hour of 'regulars only'. No falling and everyone can go as fast as they want. Priceless.
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